Going to see Julia Roberts

Good Morning from London, England. Today is actually our first full Saturday in the U.K. and our plans are centered around a ride on the DLR (Docklands Light Rail) and the “tube” to the other side of the city from where we are staying.

We’re heading to Portobello Road and Notting Hill, and we fully expect to bump into Julia Roberts in a book store as soon as we get there!

Perhaps not…maybe Flopsy or Spike?????

Like just about every day this week, it is London grey outside, but with the exception of Tuesday when we took the train down from Edinburgh, the grey is supposed to turn to blue, and we are looking at another lovely day for walking about – temperature around 19 Celsius.

Our apartment in Limehouse is fabulous, in a bit of a dodgy area, but the building and unit we’re in is absolutely perfect.

I’ll tell you all about our day a little later, then I’ll circle back and fill you in our first week abroad!


Greenwich – One Foot in the east, one foot in the west

5 Comments Add yours

  1. k says:

    This is great Dad! Would you like me to set you guys up with a Flickr account?
    Welcome to WEB 2.0!!



  2. Glen says:

    Keep having a great time. It’s really nice to hear about all your adventures.
    Glen & Barb


  3. thom says:

    keep the great story coming! silver spenders!


  4. Sam says:

    Love the pics! The smiles are the BEST part 🙂


  5. Dan Wendland says:

    Super photo’s and great stories. Who is the young chick with you, haaa. Just got back from the cottage, we will look forward to more entries.

    Dan & Janet


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